Quarry, part 2 around the corner — an update!

The Protect Grand Island Farms board met last week and voted to petition the Oregon Supreme Court about our case. We will have to wait to see their response — whether they will hear it, and then the outcome.

In the meantime, the Yamhill County Board of Commissioners will be voting on “part 2” of the original application. If you’ll remember, back in early 2011, they decided to vote on the application in two steps — the first was the question of “significant resource” (i.e. is there enough gravel to warrant meeting the legal requirements?). In that case, they voted yes, two to one, and this is the decision we have been appealing through the Oregon courts (see above).

Now, they will be meeting to vote on the second legal question as they saw it: the potential impact on farmers in the area. This is the primary question that many of us on the island were concerned with and the major content of our testimony at the hearings in 2010.

The Commissioners are scheduled to address this topic at their upcoming May meeting: 10 am, May 17 in room 32 of the courthouse. Technically, the record is “closed” and there will be no opportunity for further input from the public, but it’d be great to “pack the room” with bodies of people in support of Grand Island farmers. We can also write letters to the editor of local newspapers in support of our cause again.

Thank you for your continued interest in this very important work!!!

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