Quarry issues on OPB Thursday (Oct 20)

Thursday morning, Yamhill County farmer, Sam Sweeney, will be talking about the proposed Grand Island Baker Rock quarry on OPB’s talk radio show, Think Out Loud. The show starts at 9:00 AM but Sam is scheduled to be on at 9:30. A representative from OCAPA, the aggregate lobby group, will be on the show with him. Anyone can call in or contribute via a comment on their site.

Now is our chance to get our views out to a very large audience. Please listen to Sam, if you have something to add please do so. If you want to comment via their site you do need to preregister with Think Out Loud. You can comment before the show, to prime the pump, if you would like. The call in number is 888-665-5TOL (or 665-5865). To preregister to make an online comment or ask an online question go to:

Oregon Public Broadcasting · Think Out Loud

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