Grand Island poems, cheers & slogans!

Tom Haire of Portland contributed these verses/slogans on the topic of Grand Island and our quarry fight. Enjoy!

sand, gravel and
crushed rock
they’ll do it right
it’s all
just talk

i like farms and
i like dirt
all that mining
sure will hurt

we need farms
and we need food
all that mining
is wrong
and rude

yamhill folks
don’t be no fool
don’t let them ruin
this little jewel

big birds nest
on every pole
not when it’s near
a mined out hole

how many trucks
will that bridge handle
is such a scandal

apples, peaches, pears
and plums
do not allow
those mining bums

jack be nimble jack be quick
makes me sick

peace and quiet
will be gone
once that mining noise
is on

Gravel pits
Aren’t as tasty
As fresh peach pits
Don’t be hasty!
Save Grand Island

Fertile farmland
Beautiful views
Don’t farm gravel
It’s bad news!
Save Grand Island

Yamhill County Commissioners
Listened to their constituents
Unlike most politician-ers
What a novel concept!
Save Grand Island!

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